Latest Technology Cleaning

Our Static ROwasher is a heavy duty parts cleaner that comes with user friendly features and all the tools you need to get the job done fast. The ergonomic design makes for comfortable user-friendly cleaning.

The nozzle and flow-thru brush have a powerful adjustable fluid flow rate driven by a super capacity pump. The flexible nozzle has a highly visible orange tip to control fluid aim over parts. The self-cleaning flow-thru brush is s hard wearing tool for agitating dirt and grease on parts and components.

The Static ROwasher has a simple push button on/off switch and all our machines have a built in flow control timer The automatic switch off pump and heater, if minimum fluid level is reached, is a built-in safety feature of the ROwasher.

A 200 micron basket filter set into the sink tray traps larger particles pf debris.

The heavy duty parts washer has a 60L fluid capacity and is easy to maintain with a monthly change of the Microbial Filter Mat and top up of 20L ROwash Degreasing Solution when the machine`s low fluid indicator light comes on.

  • Heats to 38-42°C
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 1000 watt industrial heater
  • Heavy duty MDPE
  • Automatic energy saving Eco-mode
  • 60L tank capacity
  • 15 Litre per minute pump capacity
  • 150 kg load capacity

Static ROwasher

A classic design manual parts washer with all the latest technology

Overall Sink Dimensions

W 71cm x L 86cm x H 106cm

Tank Capacity


Load Capacity

150 kg

Static ROwasher

“We think the ROwasher is better than a solvent parts washer. The ROwash cleaning fluid cuts through oils just as fast, but because it is heated it breaks down grease much more quickly. Plus, the parts heated by the fluid quickly dry themselves. No blowing solvents into the air with airlines post cleaning.”

John Whittaker, Production Engineer PANDECT PRECISION COMPONENTS LTD. Mobile ROwasher supplied with aerospace approved ROwash 06 Degreasing Solution.

“The ROwasher could be the most profitable tool in your workshop. It makes our job much easier because we can clean a whole bike twice as fast as our previous spray and rag method. We wouldn’t be without it!”

Leading high street Cycle Retailer. Mobile ROwasher supplied with ROwash Bike Degreasing Solution

“The ROwasher has been a huge efficiency enabler for me. I can’t believe the difference it’s made. It allows me to service more bikes – so it really does generate extra revenue for the shop. Feedback from customers is great too – they can’t believe how clean components are. The ROwasher has literally revolutionised my workshop! Fast, safe and an amazing quality clean!”

Nigel Hill, Owner of Sidcup Cycles. Static ROwasher supplied with ROwash Bike Degreasing Solution

“Primarily, we use the ROwasher for degreasing lead screws on our fleet of winches. It does an incredible job. Much more effective and less time consuming than our previous parts washer. The bioremediating technology significantly reduces our hazardous waste disposal and also decreases the hazards for the user.”

Louie Munton, Assets Mechanical and Control Lead TAIT. XL ROwasher supplied with ROwash 03 Degreasing Solution

“Rozone’s bioremediating parts washer helps compliance by reducing waste, driving down costs and improving efficiency. It helps us achieve a quick turnaround, presenting our tools and equipment in the best condition, ready for hire to the next customer.”

Says Quality Manager at Leading Plant Hire Company. Static ROwasher supplied with ROwash 03 Degreasing Solution.