Solvent-free & pH neutral, ROwash releases no vapours or VOCs, meaning it is no risk to users or the environment.

Our Chemists have specially chosen the concentration of surfactant in our ROWASH formula to make the contaminant particles (hydrocarbons) washed off dirty parts into the solution, the smallest they can be, so the microbes can easily break them down. Keeping our parts washer fluid cleaner for longer.

We have a range of parts washer fluid solutions to ensure customers achieve the best results on the materials they are cleaning.

Our ROwash Degreasing Solutions

ROwash 03

ROwash 03 is our general purpose industrial degreasing solution used across a wide variety of sectors including automotive, engineering & manufacturing etc.

Effective on general industrial oils & greases like:-
- motor oil
- bearing grease
- cutting fluids
- hydraulic fluid.

ROwash 06

ROwash 06 is our degreasing solution for cleaning specialist metals. It is not corrosive on a wide range of yellow and ferrous metals like:-aluminium, copper, iron and steel.
The unique blend of surfactants in ROwash 06 parts cleaner fluid effectively reduces the surface tension allowing deposits to be easily rinsed from metal surface without streaking.

Suitable for the Aerospace Industry.
Tested and approved in accordance with:

• Boeing BSS7432B • AMS1526C • Douglas CSD#1 • Airbus industries AIMS09-00-002

ROwash Bike

ROwash Bike is designed for cleaning bike parts. It has been specially formulated by our Scientists to break down the hydrocarbons in bike oils and greases quickly to leave no residue.

Bike Workshops can clean chain rings, cassettes, derailleurs, chains, or an entire drivetrain within seconds using ROwash Bike. It is safe to use on metal, plastic, rubber, and seals