Introduced each month through regular changes, the Microbial Filter Mat keeps the parts washer fluid clean.

The ROwasher Microbial Filter Mat serves 3 purposes:

  1. To be an industrial parts washer filter - filtering out large contaminants to prolong the “life” of the fluid
  2. To deliver 200 million oil-eating microbes into the parts washer system
  3. Provide the ideal environment for the microbes to breed and colonise

Our team of microbiologists have identified and supplied specific microbes in our Microbial Filter Mat to deal with the different types of oil and grease found in the industries we work.

All are Bio-Safety Level 1 Microbes and are non-pathogenic or no risk to humans.

Single Layer Filter Mat

For every day cleaning.

The top white Filter Mat layer is designed to trap large particles of dirt and debris up to 50 microns whilst the blue layer provides support for the microbes to breed and grow a microbial reservoir to be released into the ROwasher over the course of a month.

To be changed every month to keep the parts washer fluid clean.

Multi-layer Filter Mat

For more heavy-duty cleaning applications.

The Multi-Layer Filter works in the same way as the standard single layer filter, introducing microbes into the ROwasher system but has four white layers on the mat to trap dirt and debris - designed to be peeled away once a week for optimum performance.

To be changed every month to keep the parts cleaner fluid clean.

Microbial Booster

A liquid form of concentrated microbes for when your parts washer fluid needs a boost.

We recommend adding every 6 months depending on usage or as required. Microbial Booster does not replace the Microbial Filter Mat.