Green Cleaning that Protects your Pounds, your People and the Planet

With sustainability at its core, ROwasher uses the clever science of bioremediation, to clean oily and dirty parts. Quickly removing grease and oils with a pH neutral degreaser and containing the by-product in a sink makes cleaning a safe, easier, less messy job for technicians. And due to the bioremediation process where naturally occurring microbes convert the waste to harmless gas and water, one that won`t harm the environment.

Our Sustainability Efforts

  • Saved over 657,920 shipping miles and the associated environmental impact by manufacturing in the UK
  • Helped the average customer reduce their carbon footprint in their parts cleaning activities by around 30% per annum
  • Helped the average customer save around 54% in energy costs

We care about our planet. Not only do we assist customers in switching to more eco-friendly parts washer solutions, but we are on a journey to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Did You Know? We’re a Climate Positive Workforce.


Ecologi are helping us offset our carbon footprint and we are proud to be a climate positive workforce.

To date we have planted over 5,000 trees and funded over 40 carbon avoidance projects across the globe –that`s over 380 tonnes of carbon reduction – a small contribution but one we are looking to increase.

The climate projects we support through our partner Ecologi are certified by the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

One of the latest projects we have funded is in Kenya.


We are innovating the ROwash Bike consumable delivery experience and partnering with Absolutely Couriers to offer cleaner, more sustainable deliveries to our London Bike Shop customers. If you are inside Zones 1 and 2, your ROwash Bike Degreasing Fluid, Microbial Filter Mats and Booster will now be delivered by an Absolutely Electric Cargo Bike.


This eco-friendly, sustainable courier service reduces the emissions of your delivery, cuts pollution and continues our programme of innovation to lower impact on the environment.

Absolutely Couriers has built one of London's largest and most impressive fleet of cargo bikes. They are eco-friendly, ULEZ compliant and offer a smarter, more sustainable delivery.



Keeping products in use by increasing their repairability and lifespan is a key way to minimise products` carbon footprint. Our eco friendly parts washers are built to last with a robust design featuring high performance components that easily withstand the demands of busy workshops.

The machine will last for years and our technical department make sure that we have replacement parts available at all times for customers to carry out their own repairs if they wish. Alternatively, we have innovated with ROwasher so all of ROwasher`s electrical parts are housed in a removable unit which can be easily swapped over without the need of a service callout.

ROwasher spares such as brushes are available at all times to extend the working life of your environmentally friendly parts washer.

We actively re-home used, ex-demo and orphan ROwashers with charities involved in projects that benefit local communities.

We are on a journey and hope that each small step we make has a positive impact for our planet.