Understanding the Science behind the ROwasher

3D render of microbes

Proven Technology

The clever science of bioremediation was used in two of the worlds worst oil spills – the Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska 1989 and the BP Deepwater Horizon rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. In both disasters “oil eating” microbes were used to aid the “clean-up” process.

ROwasher's bioremediating parts washer uses these naturally occurring ‘oil eating’ micro-organisms, to deal with the waste oil and greases washed off dirty parts. This converts them into harmless carbon dioxide and water, effectively self-recycling its own cleaning solution.

How Does Bioremediation Work in the ROwasher?

The ROwasher has 200 million bioremediating microbes delivered into the machine’s cleaning system every month through a Microbial Filter Mat. These microbes rejuvenate the parts washer’s ROwash Degreasing Fluid, keeping it clean and ready for every use

We have proven scientifically that the filter mat is the best way of delivering the microbes into the ROwasher system. It acts as scaffolding for the microbes to cling, grow and breed on the fibres to form a reservoir of oil eating microbes. This bio film means that for the month-long life of the filter, there is a constant supply of microbes degrading the hydrocarbons and maintaining the optimum cleaning performance of the ROwasher

Are Bioremediating Microbes Safe to Use?

The microbes in our Microbial Filter Mats are all Bio-Safety Level 1 - microbes which are non-pathogenic or no risk to humans or animals. Each strain of microbes used in our Microbial Filter Mat is developed with regular integrity checks under ISO 9001 conditions.

Our microbes aggressively attack oil and grease but that’s all they will attack, there is no risk to metal, plastic, rubber, and seals.


Our Bioremediation Leads the Way

We partner with the Microbiology Department at the University of Wolverhamption to ensure ROwasher provides the best in bioremediating cleaning.

ROwash Degreasing Solution in combination with the Microbial Filter Mat degrade more oil and grease than any other parts washer on the market, meaning longer lasting fluid.

Close up image of microbial colonies in a petri dish

Quality and Consistency

  • We grow and manufacture our own specially selected microbes.
  • Every batch goes through stringent quality checks.
  • Our Microbiologists grow microbes in a petri dish.
  • We then count the volume of microbes we can grow from any given sample.
  • We freeze dry them and deliver exactly 200 million into each and every one of our Microbial Filter Mats. The perfect number to ensure we give our customers a parts washer that stays cleaner for longer.

Our Science Director Dr. Ibrahim Khalil Explains More