ROwasher Beats the Competition

We work in partnership with the microbiology team at the University of Wolverhampton, to ensure we provide market-leading solutions.

  • The 200 million microbes in our ROwasher Microbial Filter Mat degrade 83% oil and grease, more than any other bioremediating parts washer, meaning ROwasher fluid stays cleaner for longer
  • With its insulated tank and built-in Eco-Mode feature, ROwasher boasts a 54% reduction in energy consumption compared with the leading competitor machine.
  • ROwasher running costs are the lowest against all other bioremediating parts washers on the market due to its specially designed double-skinned tank, making it extremely efficient in terms of fluid evaporation rate.

This data has been collected in controlled laboratory trials using the ROwasher and four competitor machines.