As Powerful as Solvent, Without the Hazards

Designed to clean dirty, oily parts, ROwasher offers a powerful alternative to solvent parts cleaning. The ROwash Degreasing Solution effortlessly cuts through grease and grime to leave parts like new. But the clever part comes, in the way ROwasher deals with its used fluid.

ROwasher uses the SCIENCE of bioremediation – NATURE`S clever way of cleaning up, to dramatically reduce its waste fluid generation.

  • Increasing workshop efficiency
  • Bringing significant cost savings
  • Safeguarding the health and safety of staff
  • Lowering impact on the environment
  • Assisting compliance with legislation such as IS014001

How it works

ROwasher heats the ROwash Degreasing Fluid to 38°C-42°C for better cleaning results. This is also the optimum working temperature for our microbes.
Oil and grease are washed off the dirty part into the sink
The Microbial Filter Mat delivers 200 million oil-eating microbes into the ROwasher system
The microbes “eat” the waste oil and grease in the ROwash solution turning it into harmless CO² and water – effectively recycling the fluid and keeping it clean and strong for every use

The ROwasher System has Three Elements

The ROwasher Machine

This new generation manual parts washer heats to 38°C but increases to 42°C when in-use for faster contaminant removal.

With a double-skinned insulated tank and built in Eco-Mode feature, ROwasher realises around 54% energy savings compared with leading competitor.

ROwasher to suit any workshop space – static, mobile, XL.

ROwash Degreasing Solution

Heated to 42°C, the ROwash Degreasing Solution removes the most hardened grease and grime, washing parts clean, leaving no film or residue, and is pleasant to use.

Releases no harmful vapours or VOCs and is pH neutral and solvent-free.

NSF certified.

Range of ROwash Degreasing solutions to suit the materials you are cleaning.

ROwasher Microbial Filter Mat

The Microbial Filter Mat is where the magic happens! It not only traps grease and debris in its top white layer, preventing it from entering the system, it also has 200 million oil loving micro-organisms encapsulated in its blue layer.

Each new filter change releases these microbes into the system where they break down hydrocarbons and “eat” the oil and grease washed off dirty parts, turning it all into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Leaving the parts washer fluid clean for every use, reducing the need for hazardous waste disposal and the associated costly service contract.

We have a single layer Microbial Filter Mat and a Multi-Layer option to meet more heavy-duty cleaning demand.

Easy Maintenance

The ROwasher is easy to maintain in-house with no expensive service contract required.

Simply change the Microbial Filter Mat every month to replenish the microbe colony and top-up with 20L ROwash Solution when the low fluid indicator light on the machine shows.